Vegetable Garden Markers Made of Painted Stone

Vegetable Garden Markers Made of Painted Stone

These pretty stone garden markers for vegetables were made by my friend Kristin, AKA Delta gardener. Kristin is a volunteer master gardener and works tirelessly with the Ladner Community Garden to coordinate the nursery. Between that and maintaining her large vegetable garden and writing about it on her blog, this flower Garden, I don’t know where she finds the time. Luckily, she does and is here today to share a DIY on turning simple old rocks into super cute painted stone garden markers!

Are you tired of plant labels that wear out over the course of the season? There is nothing more annoying than checking what is growing in the vegetable garden to find that the label is illegible or, worse, not found. I had to find a new creative way to create plant labels this year. A friend approached me about the idea of painted stones as plant markers. I love the color in the garden, so I decided to make this one. It was the first time I painted stones, so here it is.


When choosing rocks for this project, the smoother they are, the better. This simply makes it easier to achieve a smooth finish with the help of paints. You can use found stones or buy them at your local garden center.

So, what do you need to get started? I like working with acrylic paints and having an assortment of colors. You will also need a fine-tipped brush for some of the more complex tasks, such as lettering, and an assortment of thicker brushes for large areas. You can also buy a paint pen, but you definitely need to practice with this first. I logged out and used a brush because I had more control.

To start my project, I decided to make a vegetable marker for my peas. I started by painting the Rock with a base color of green all over. I let it dry and applied a second coat. The next step was to make a drawing of what I wanted the rock to look like. First I used a pencil and then I went through it with a permanent marker with fine points.

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