Plant Supports Made of Bamboo for Raised Beds and Gardens

Plant Supports Made of Bamboo for Raised Beds and Gardens

The bamboo plant supports are the perfect supports for tall and vinous vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers. They are strong and sturdy, so they have a practical purpose, but they are also extremely graceful and add a natural element to the garden. In addition, there are many types of bamboo structures for all size spaces, including containers. In this article, we are going to share some of our favorite bamboo staking and trellising products, give tips on when and how to use them, and the best plants to pair with these attractive structures.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly even in poor soils and does not require irrigation, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It produces more than 35% more oxygen than trees. And although it is lightweight, it is very durable. In some parts of the world, it is used as a building material, with a higher tensile strength than steel and sometimes used as a substitute for concrete. So it’s fair to say that bamboo is a great long-term purchase, perfect for outdoor use, especially in the garden.

In addition, bamboo poles, if properly cared for, will last much longer than wooden supports. There are bamboo garden stakes of different lengths. I have had them for years that I always take to the barn when needed.

It should be noted that over time, the color of untreated bamboo fades to light gray and silver, just like untreated cedar. Untreated bamboo can last from 8 to 12 years. A protective coating can add even more years to the service life.

Fruits and vegetables benefit from bamboo plant supports

There are a number of viticultural and branched fruit and vegetable plants that often require support during their growth. In some cases, it is more profitable to form the foliage, so you can save space in the garden for growing other things. We all know how much a zucchini plant can grow, not to mention the zucchini itself! Bamboo poles and trellises keep the fruits on the ground, reduce the risk of rotting, promote good air circulation and minimize pests and issues.

Here are some vine vegetables that can be trained for a plant support. Just pay attention to the weight of the plant and the fruit, relative to the support you are using.

  • Melons: watermelon, melon, honeydew
  • Squash: summer varieties, such as zucchini and pattypan, and winter varieties, such as spaghetti, butternut, etc.
  • Cucumber
  • Polar beans
  • Peas
  • Tomato
  • Tomato
  • Pepper

A-Frame Bamboo Plant Stand

With only four small screws for assembly, the A-frame bamboo plant stand does not take time to assemble. It will support wine flowers and light to medium vegetables. The hand-woven bamboo trellis offers ample space for abundant air circulation and vine support. Place it in the garden early in the season so that your vines can start climbing as soon as they settle. Jessica used hers to grow plants, like mini watermelons and cucumbers.

Raised bamboo tomato planter and trellis

As you might expect, every year I run out of space to plant everything. Or rather, I grow and buy more plants than I have room for! That’s why I like being able to place this raised bamboo tomato planter and trellis on a sunny part of my terrace. This is a great option for gardeners with small spaces, as you can plant tomatoes without having an earthen or raised garden. The trellis reaches almost 40″ (3 feet), creating a strong support for the tomatoes.

A little assembly is required, but the instructions were helpful and the holes were pre-drilled. It didn’t take long to get together. I only needed a hard surface to be able to attach the long supports. After that, I just pushed the basket and then attached the rings that support the plants as they grow.

The kit comes with an allen key for a large screw that secures the main brackets. And then you just need a phillips screwdriver to make and repair the grid parts. A coconut fiber lining is included to line the bamboo basket and can be replaced once it has outgrown its bloom.

Stand for six packs of tomatoes

The six-pack tomato stand was super easy to assemble and came together quickly with two people assembling the bamboo sticks. Niki says the trellis is usually strong and sturdy enough to easily hold six indeterminate tomatoes. The bamboo material is very elegant, which means that the structure is both practical and graceful. And once assembled, the planting poles are more than 1.80 meters high! The support makes it easy to keep vigorous plants out of the ground, which promotes healthy growth and fewer problems with soil-borne issues. You can also use it to support tomatillos (which, in my experience, can get quite massive), eggplants and peppers.

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