Information for Creating a New Raised Bed Garden

Information for Creating a New Raised Bed Garden

If you’ve been wondering how to make a new raised bed garden, this article is a great place to start. Early in 2023, we embarked on a big project – a new raised bed vegetable garden! I’d been dreaming of improving our food garden by adding raised beds for years. I drew up a rough plan and approached our contractor neighbor, Tim, about the project. Two months after, I had a beautiful new garden. In this article, I’ll walk you through each step of the project, offering tips and insights you can use to build a new raised bed garden of your own.

Planning the new raised bed garden

It would need to be deer-proof. We have herds of deer and other critters roaming through our backyard constantly. We’ve even had a black bear pillaging our blueberries for the past few years, so a long-lasting, sturdy fence with a minimum height of 7 feet was a must.

I wanted tall raised beds which will translate to easier harvesting and less bending, and will be easier on my knees and back. I opted for 20-inch-tall raised beds.

Wide paths were essential to easily manipulate the wheelbarrow around each planter box. I opted for a path width of 3 feet everywhere except along one outer edge where we had to narrow the path in order for our tractor to fit between the garden’s fence and the property fence.

I knew I wanted the raised beds to be made from wood and not concrete blocks, metal, or some other material. I like the aesthetics of wood, and since we were hiring the neighbor to build it (rather than it being a DIY project), I also knew wood would be less expensive than many other materials and that choice would help lower the budget.

The new garden would have to embrace the existing row of blueberry bushes. Our blueberries are over 17 years old, so I didn’t want to risk transplanting them or potentially injuring the plants, so I designed the whole garden around them

How to make a new raised bed garden – Our step by step process

After I measured out the space and sketched out the basic plan on paper, Tim double-checked all my math and let me know how much lumber and other materials to order. He calculated how much lumber was needed for each raised garden bed and then multiplied it by 12 since the new garden was to have 12 beds total. To that, we added the lumber and wire mesh needed for the fence. Next, I’ll share each of the steps we took through the process.

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